Lifelong Guidance in Public Education (Part 2)

As the second part of a longer study, this article formulates suggestions for creating a policy, a system and a practice of lifelong guidance embedded in Hungarian public education. With the national context in mind, an outline is given of a possible framework and the basic conditions of progress in that direction, as regards human resources, auxiliary tools and regulatory principles. Three possible models of teacher involvement in lifelong guidance are presented, each implying a different degree of intensity and a different scope of teachers’ tasks in their cooperation with other professionals.   

ealth of students have also become widely recognised. Surveys on how students spend their free time show that PE and sports in schools are the only opportunities for regular and proper intensity physical activity for most of them. Research studies revealed the positive effects of PE on students’ health and their academic achievement. Positive experiences in PE strengthen commitment to an active lifestyle, not to mention the favourable effects on the development of personality.